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             This five-part series leads participants through an evocative and fulfilling process of guided conversation and exploration. Drawing upon the heart of many mystical traditions and applying professional skills as a personal coach and group facilitator, Robert has designed engaging and powerful programs for groups and individuals. Working with those assembled, he creates a sacred space where their curiosity, ideas,  and wonder generate deep listening and sharing, and a refreshed sense of calm and personal growth.

             Structured to support participants in their effort to find and deepen their own wisdom, the series focuses on five interwoven themes:

¨ Being Present with Ourselves

¨ Being Present with Another

¨ Being Present with Beauty

¨ Being Present amid Darkness

¨ Being Present in Community


The Anatomy of Thoughtful Conversation

         When we participate in conversation with others and in small groups, we know how enjoyable it is when the conversation is successful.  In such circumstances, we hear one another quite well, we learn, and sometimes friendships deepen or are created.  In other conversations, however, we can feel that others do not really understand our meaning or haven’t listened.  At yet other times, we are convinced that we understand what another is saying, quickly agree or disagree in our minds, only to find out later that we actually missed their point completely.  So what is really going on?  How can an understanding of the dynamics of dialogue enhance our ability to listen, think, speak and engage more deeply and with greater satisfaction?  This day- long session looks at the anatomy of conversation and offers insights into how to enjoy more, feel heard, and listen better in discussions with friends, family and strangers.  (Presentation on this topic also available.)


Mastering Effective Communications:                Finding Faith in the Present

             Do you truly believe you could be a more effective communicator in the important situations that affect your life?  This workshop will help you build a unity of head and heart so you can bring enormous skill to your most important life interactions. Applying the tools taught will result in conversations that generate what you and others expect and need from the time you spend together. See upcoming workshop details at

Whole System Coaching and Workshops for an Integrated Life

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Engaging Wholeness: A Five Part Series

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