Whole System Coaching and Workshops for an Integrated Life

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“As we learn to know ourselves, we become aware of our glories and our regrets and the rich loveliness of both.  
Committing to the grand flow of our personal stance as one seeking the fullness of life, we hold sacred our acceptance of our body and the increasingly healthy ego of our mind.  
We discover how to step into each moment comfortably vulnerable and strong, trusting what we know, and unafraid of being wrong.  
We feel the fresh wash of life’s waters pulsing in and around us.  
Our heart is open and we can know the open heartedness of others and of the universe.”
©Robert Corman, 2011
Excerpt from the forthcoming book The Sacred Envelope
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“Grow into your most confident, competent, caring and fulfilled self because that is why we are here.  Just as you aspire to achieve your most heartfelt goals, the world also relies upon you to realize no less.  Aligning and relating to yourself in this whole hearted and intelligent way is the very definition of being present.  Choosing to be present is a powerful and dynamic path to a satisfied and successful life, for, as the great writer, scientist and philosopher, Goethe stated:  “At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to support you.”  
©Robert Corman, 2012