The Owl in the Tree is a metaphor for a life in which we accept and even embrace the comfortable, the beautiful, and the peaceful along with their most profound opposites. The owl is grandly non-sentimental. Its life is not about any superstition that people often ascribe to them, but rather is about engaging the edges and the margins of light and darkness. The owl is not hesitant to perch in the Tree of Life.

             For each of us, there is a living mandala at the heart of our personal wisdom. Whether one is awake to it or waiting to awaken and explore its varying levels of presence, it offers the unique pattern that connects us deeply to our distinctive truths and clarifies and sweetens our direct connection to the wholeness of the universe. As such, it is our grandest ally. Like life itself, it is filled with light no more than darkness. For me, this mandala, takes the form of an owl in a tree.

             Through whole systems coaching and workshops, you will find the Owl in the Tree, or better, the equivalent within you.

The ‘Owl in the Tree’ Concept

Whole System Coaching and Workshops for an Integrated Life

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