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           Walking in the forest has been my most enduring personal practice and a wonderful way to wholly engage with my busy personal and professional life. Years back, just before twilight in late summer, as an evening chill nosed its way into the fading day, I came upon fifteen headstones on a hillside deep in the woods.  

           A peaceful and rarely visited place, I rested there and read inscriptions on the bronze plaques bolted to the ‘dying rocks’, as my daughter named them when just a child. Each inscription sought to capture the essence of the relative buried there with a prayer or just their name and a word or two. Some had lived long lives, while others were less fortunate. And then on one stone was a quote from D.H. Lawrence:

“The living self has one

purpose only:

to come into its

own fullness of being,

as a tree comes into full blossom,

or a

bird into spring beauty,

or a tiger into lustre.”

             Resting on my haunches as darkness fell like a blanket over all I could see, the truth of these words lived in me. I reflected on the relationship between an individual coming into that very “fullness of being” and the world that surrounds them in all aspects of their life. 

             We are not here to try to fit into that world as some separate being. Rather, we are here to participate in an extraordinary interdependence that exists in the natural flow of things. Trusting and accepting ourselves within this wondrous reality is a source of love, strength, and power. Being in “full blossom” does not mean knowing everything about ourselves, but rather living in a continual unfolding of that self across the seasons of life. As we develop that deep comfort with the flow of our relationship with life around us, we are more present and more capable. Whole system coaching and workshops is founded on these principles and supports these goals.

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