Coaching - Facilitation

             Personal coaching creates one-to-one opportunities to focus on the ceaseless search for our truest self in the moment. The goal is to explore and find our current capacity to draw constructively on both the obvious and subtle circumstances occurring in our lives.

             This process can be transformative – shifting a challenging or fearful experience to one of acceptance, clarity, and a clear opportunity for growth. By supporting the skillful means inherent in each of us, we find the insight and stance that allows us to courageously and positively engage and truly be present.

             My clients include artists and executives from across the sectors, and retirees and individuals starting their career.Coaching can be done in person and/or by phone on a regular or as needed basis.

Personal Coaching

           As in any aspect of life, success in our work requires continual growth. Effective leadership, collaboration and partnership demands a presence that integrates both the personal and the professional. The goal is to embrace our  challenges and strengths in a way that enables openness, readiness, clarity, authenticity, and acceptance.   

             Working with leaders and aspiring leaders, whole systems coaching also helps individuals intent upon integrating their goals for success and their approaches to their work with their longer term life goals. Emphasis is placed on understanding each client’s relationship to organizational dynamics.                   

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Small Group Dialogue & Facilitation

           For nearly everyone, the desire to secure common ground or at least increase clarity and understanding is inherent in our basic makeup. This facilitation service is geared to teams and small groups that desire one or more of the following:

¨ To improve interaction and dialogue,

¨ To develop new approaches to working together,

¨ To explore strategies to address differences,

¨ To identify anew, strengths and opportunities,

¨ To increase clarity and understanding of shared goals.  

Whole System Coaching and Workshops for an Integrated Life

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