Robert Corman

           Robert Corman is a teacher and personal guide working with individuals and groups to tap their greatest gifts and experiences, equipping them to realize their deepest personal and professional aspirations. He works with individuals (artists, business executives, organizational leaders and others) as well as corporate and community teams. A seasoned dialog facilitator, he works with nonprofit boards, large groups and communities in conflict.


             Robert’s approach draws on decades of professional and personal learning, skill development, and expertise including work in shamanic, Kabbalistic and other personal growth traditions and practices. Starting out as a criminal and environmental lawyer, he went on to serve as president of The Fund for New Jersey, a policy-orient foundation, the first executive director of the Gallup International Institute working on international social issues, the creator of innovative business and nonprofit organizations, and, the founder and president of the National Partnership for Social Enterprise where his team brought business skills to bear on social issues. He is a skilled provider of executive and strategic consulting to cultural, educational, philanthropic and spiritual leaders. He has also worked extensively with boards of directors and as a board member and chair of several prominent institutions.

           Robert continues to serve as President of Applied Concepts, a consulting firm offering leaders in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and corporations support in creating and implementing dynamic strategies that address organizational challenges and lead to organizational growth.

             Drawing from both ancient and advanced ways of seeing and being, he offers practical and powerful guidance to individuals and to organizations. He aids them in reframing their visions and missions to then more confidently pursue their goals.    

Whole System Coaching and Workshops for an Integrated Life

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