“Robert Corman makes it possible for us to see ourselves as we dream of being seen. He provides awareness and tools to guide us in being ourselves—our creative selves—in a world that sees us through a glass darkly. He brightens the lens and moves us in the direction of transformation.”

Author and Sculptor

 The Owl in the Tree

Whole System Coaching

and Workshops for an

Integrated Life

           Welcome to the Owl in the Tree. Here you will find the work of Robert Corman including his Whole System Coaching and Workshops for an Integrated Life.

             Continuing a distinctive and diverse professional career, Robert combines skills as a

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leader and mentor with his broad knowledge of  human development and practices drawn from many cultures and traditions. The result is an innovative set of individualized coaching and group programs built around ‘whole systems thinking.’ He personally guides clients and workshop participants in more fully engaging in the extraordinary interdependence we all share with the natural flow of life around us.